Our Story

Here’s a bit about us and how we got our sign business started…


Corflutesigns.co.nz is the baby offspring from our original sticker business customstickers.co.nz

The concept behind customstickers.co.nz was founded in our lounge back in 2007.  The concept came to us on a foggy headed Sunday morning, whilst we were temporarily stuck in an unnamed below average rural NZ town we nicknamed ‘Lamebridge’.  Combining our love of stickers with our love of design seemed natural, and so customstickers.co.nz was born.

We escaped from the boonies and moved to Auckland to set up our sticker business.  Pretty early on we realised that many of our sticker customers were also looking for signage and as such our ‘offspring business’ corflutesigns.co.nz was established.  Between our two businesses, we now supply the full suite of stickers and signage for our customers who are located all over the country.


Why buy from us?


We could talk a whole lot of semi-corporate run of the mill spin to inspire you to buy from us, but here are a few real and distinct reasons why you should use us over our competitors:

  • We stand behind the quality of our products. If you’re not happy, we will sort you out.
  • You can call us for help and talk to someone down the road, or at the most a couple of hours flight away (if you live in Gore).
  • We are actually from New Zealand, so we can communicate easily and quickly with you.
  • You can buy stickers and signs online, if you so desire.
  • We keep things local.
  • Our ordering process is easy.
  • Shipping is quick.


We are truely local, supporting local.


We are actually located in West Auckland, New Zealand (not a fake Auckland company like some of our dodgy competitors).  Corflutesigns.co.nz and Customstickers.co.nz are 100% true Kiwi born and bred businesses.  Our suppliers are also local.

Keeping things local makes it much quicker and easier to fix any problems if they arise, ensuring our customers are happy with the quality of our products at all times.  It also means your order can be manufactured and shipped out quickly. Boom!


We like to help.


With corflutesigns.co.nz you will experience that genuine, down to earth service that Kiwi businesses are known for. We also make it easy for you to get in touch and communicate with us because we like to chat.

We are in the business of providing custom made stickers and signs, so naturally, providing an exceptional, personalised service is something we pride ourselves on.  Helping you find what sticker or sign will work the best for your needs and budget is what we do best.  Let us help you.

Our ordering process is easy, but if in doubt we can guide you through it.  We get all sorts of questions about stickers and signs, some of which we have included on our FAQs page, so feel free to check these out.

Let us help you

We are always happy to help you find the right sign for your needs – give us a call, drop us an email or contact us to get a quote.