FOR SALE Stickers - Custom Decals


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Create your own custom vinyl die cut FOR SALE stickers (decals) to display on your car or any other item you’re selling.  Whether it’s a car, boat, jet ski, trailer, horse float, caravan or something else entirely – achieve a quick sale by using an easy to read, custom made FOR SALE sticker that displays your details in a classy way.

Customise your sticker by entering your desired text in the box above, then simply choose your size and colour (although white is the best BY FAR for displaying on windows).  You can have a single line of text or for an extra $5 you can add an extra line of text (this option is highly recommended).

For 580mm wide stickers the size of your letters and numbers will be approximately 100mm, for 280mm stickers it will be approximately 50mm.  However, this will depend on the number of characters used, we will stretch or shrink to fit as needed to ensure it looks good.

Order and pay online and we’ll ship your sticker out to you within 1-3 business days.

Custom Stickers is our business and we like to give you what you need!  So if you’re looking for something similar but different, then send us an email or  get in touch for a customised quote.