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Jetski stickers to display your jetski registration number

In Auckland, all jetskis need to be registered.  Auckland Council requires that jetski stickers no less than 90mm in height, showing the registration number must be clearly displayed above the waterline on both sides of your vessel, using a contrasting colour.

We’re giving you an easy and cost effective way for you to display your registration number on your jetski using custom made, vinyl die cut jetski stickers. Being a custom product, you have the freedom of choice and can create a sticker that is more to your taste and style.

Simply enter your jetski registration number in the box above, then choose your desired colour and font.  If you have a specific font you want to use that is not listed please email us your font file and we should be able to sort you out.

Supplied in sets of two with application tape, 90mm high by approximately 230-280mm wide (depending on the font).

We use high quality vinyl for jetski stickers, they are fully waterproof and will last years without fading, cracking or peeling off.  They are pretty easy to install yourself – however, if you’re someone who likes to read step by step instructions then Check out this blog.

Order and pay online and we’ll ship your stickers out to you via courier within 1-3 business days.

If you’re looking for something similar but different, then send us an email or click here to get a customised quote.