No parking and visitor car parking signs

Are you getting annoyed with people parking where they shouldn’t?  If so, we can help! We are commonly asked to provide signs for business to help their customers identify where they can and can’t park.

We can make customised no parking or visitor parking signs for you to install where you need them.  This can also be a great way to get added visibility for your business and get your branding in front of potential customers.

No parking and visitor parking signs can be printed on corflute, ACM, or even vinyl stickers that you can apply to a smooth wall or surface.  It really depends on what you need, what your budget is, and how long you want the signs to last.

Send us your signage requirements via our contact form to receive a prompt, no obligation quote.

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Health and safety signs

With the new Health and Safety at Work Act, keeping everyone who enters a workplace safe is vitally important.  Not only do business owners and managers have an obligation to keep employees safe, the Act extends to all people who visit their site including contractors, customers and visitors.

Do you have adequate signage???

Health and safety and worksite signs can display all sorts of key information such as known hazards, safe operating procedures (SOPs), restricted access areas, emergency exits, fire and emergency evacuation instructions, evacuation meeting points, locations of first aid equipment, defibrillators, fire extinguishers and hoses etc.

We can make customised health and safety signs for your business on either ACM or corflute.  Please get in touch with us for a quick, no obligation quote.

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ACM Signs – great choice for long term outdoor signs

ACM signs (Aluminium Composite Material) are an excellent choice for signs intended for long term, outdoor use.  Like the signs pictured in this post, ACM signs are often used for building and carpark signage as they hold up well under all of New Zealand’s weather conditions.

The super smooth and glossy appearance of the sign board provides a great platform to show case your business brand and communicate key pieces of information to your customers.

We’re based in West Auckland but deliver NZ-wide.  Click here for more info or get in touch for a quote.

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Colour printing options for your signs

We have a variety of choices when it comes to printing your artwork onto corflute or ACM signs.

Pantone colour codes are a way to guarantee that you get the colours that you want. It is a global colour swatch, that we can match up to when we print your signs. When printing artwork or logos onto signs, it is the only way to guarantee that your custom colours are matched perfectly.

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Corflute verses ACM – what is best?

Our customers are sometime unsure of what product is going to be best for their sign.  While both products can be used for indoor and outdoor signs, there are a few key differences that set them apart.

To make things easy, we’ve put together a basic outline of how we see the pros and cons for corflute and ACM signs.

Corflute Signs ACM Signs
Most economical More expensive
Shorter life, typically 1-2 years Longer life, typically 3+ years
Light weight Heavy duty
Good for temporary signage Good for permanent signage

If you’re still unsure of what you need then we’ll be happy to help you make the right decision.  Please feel free to get in touch.

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